About Us

About SEBA

Let's talk Business. As a tagline for SEBA, these three words cover a lot of intellectual real estate. Sharing, learning, growing and building a network of colleagues that get to know you by association with the association. And for over 100 years SEBA has been the voice of business in south Edmonton.

We don’t talk business in a whisper. We do it in a storm of new ideas. We use vehicles like forums, luncheons and networking gatherings to get the conversation started. And we take it to
social media to be…well…social.


SEBA's focus is to be the pre-eminent business association in Edmonton primarily by providing value-added services to its members and South Edmonton as a whole. SEBA collaborates amongst members to spur new ideas, foster business relationships and strengthen the business community in a fun and exciting environment.


The South Edmonton Business Association is a catalyst connecting members from the business community to work together for the common good, with the aim of achieving personal and professional growth.


SEBA invites guest speakers to monthly breakfasts / luncheons where members receive an opportunity to learn and to voice areas of interest, or concern, to their companies and to the membership.

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